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Why Google Penalises A Website?

Website Penalty Recovery

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In simple terms, a fine is a “penalty” imposed on the Google web spam team website. This usually happens when a website violates Google’s quality guidelines. This fine leads to dramatic reductions in quality and loss of natural traffic. It is safe to say that the negative impact of Google’s algorithm updates should not be mistaken as a penalty. Google does not use the word “fine” in its text. Instead, it calls itself man-made actions and algorithmic actions.

If your traffic levels drop dramatically while your website has no downtime or technical SEO issues, you may be facing one of two things:

  • Your website has been reviewed by Google and found a bug.
  • Google Updates have led to an algorithmic action to demolish your website. Contact us for website penalty recovery.

How do penalties help Google fight spam?

Any attempt to defraud its quality features or misdirect its quality guidelines is called spam. Every day, Google receives about 40 billion spam pages. Here is how Google fights spam-

  • The panel should be divided into 4 sections. From top to bottom: web spam, crawling spam, listed spam, personal spam. The blue line between each section becomes larger
  • Google has systems that can detect spam in the “crawl” category. As a result, a large number of pages that are considered spam will not even reach the Google index.
  • Content included in your index is double-checked for spam. Such low-quality content may be displayed in search results, but your search rate will be lower.
  • As explained by Google penalty recovery guidelines, these automated AI-assisted programs provide 99% spam protection. Manual actions are effective at 1%.
  • Google has a large army of human reviewers who can post personal actions on websites.

How can you identify penalties?

Whenever a website receives a personal action, this problem will always appear under Security & Hands action on the Google Search Console. With such a message, you know the problem and can fix it directly. Personal actions on the website will result in the pages being indexed or removed from the search results altogether.

But diagnosing the impact of algorithmic adjustments is a big challenge, as you will receive notifications from Google. The best way to identify algorithmic action is to look at your Google organic traffic and see if you have a drag associated with a popular or suspected algorithm update. You can search to see if other webmasters are experiencing similar problems. Google Search Central Help Center, for example, is a great place to start.

What actions on the website can you find?

There are two types of actions that can be displayed on the “Personal actions” page. These are:

  • Personal actions that affect the entire site.
  • Personal actions that only affect a specific URL or category of the site.

Today, the list of personal actions includes the following:

  • The site has been compromised by third-party spam
  • User-generated spam
  • Spammy web host
  • Organized data problem
  • Non-native links to your site
  • Non-native links from your site
  • Thin content with little or no value
  • Hidden and/or deceptive redirects
  • Pure spam
  • Closed images
  • Hidden text and/or keywords
  • AMP content variability
  • Tricky mobile redirect
  • News and Policy Violations


Whether you have created bad backlinks to your website or someone has used the wrong SEO against you, website penalty recovery is possible. Many websites have recovered from all types of fines.

The key to removing any Google penalties is to understand the cause. This is why it is so important to read the Google Website Manager Guidelines. Once you have identified the reason for your fine, you should remove the backlinks that led to your down payment and discard those you cannot remove. Download all backlinks from Google Webmaster Tools, and use your favorite SEO tool to get more details about your links.

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By Admin on May 12th, 2022