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Google frequently updates its algorithm to penalize spammed and low-quality websites. Many website owners do not even get to know what exactly caused the penalty and they end up losing clients, sales, or the worst scenario of closing-down the businesses. Most of the time toxic backlinks, over-optimization, low-quality content, poor site structure, UI, paid links, or blackhat SEO, causes the penalty. Thus, before applying any action on your website, it is important to find out the real penalty type or reason which is causing your website ranking and traffic to drop. Sometimes website’s rankings/traffic is dropped due to non-penalty issues as well as redirection issues, site redesign, hosting movement, site structure change, content update, interlink change, external link, or any other development-related issues. It is really important to find out the real cause carefully and apply an action plan otherwise the wrong diagnosis and implementation will cause a loss of time and money.

We offer a complete audit and diagnostic service to find out the real cause of the penalty and create an action plan for recovery.

Some of the Google Penalties We Fix:

Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, Hummingbird, Phantom, Possum, RMD, Manual Actions for Partial or Unnatural Link Warning, Schema Penalty, Mobilegeddon, RankBrain, Anchor Linkscape Over Optimization

Some of the Non-Penalty Issues Covered

Domain Redirection, Content Change, Website Redesign, Hosting Change, Site Structure Change, URL Rewriting, Site Hack, Malware, 404 Error, Schema Issue, Duplicate Content, and so on.

Quality and Assurance

Understanding what kind of penalty your site has is very important. If you do not know what caused your site rankings to fall or sudden organic traffic drop or penalty cause, you may end up taking wrong fixup actions that may further complicate the situation. Here are some of the key reasons why you should choose us:

  • Penalty Type Investigation
  • Detailed Penalty Cause Audit
  • Detailed Report and Communication before the Reconsideration Request
  • Before and After Report to Do Impact Analysis
  • Thorough Link Audit (for link penalties) and Marking of Toxic Links
  • Link Removal Requests and Disavow
  • Reconsideration and Followup Reports
  • Timely Delivery of Reports

Packages & Pricing


Google Penalty Recovery

  • Covered Sites penalised by google algorithm update, routine update, manual actions, black hat seo and spamming.

  • Search Console Audit
  • Onsite Audit
  • Manual Action Review
  • Full Diagnostic Report

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Rank Drop due to Other Issues

  • Rankings dropped due to site hacked, malware, website redesign, structure change, duplicate content, hosting change, schema or other onsite issues.
  • Ranking and Traffic Audit
  • Search Console and Analytics Audit
  • Full Diagnostic Scan to spot issue
  • Fixing Issue/Recommendations to Web Developers (upto 5 hours dev work covered – addition to be charged extra at hourly rate)
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How It Works?

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Our team will start the audit and penalty recovery process based on your input.


You will be able to review the process and task status and download the completed report through the client’s dashboard.

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Google Penalty or Google Sandbox Effect is a method by which google removes or downgrades low quality or spam pages from its search results. Google continuously works towards improving its search quality by penalizing and removing spam websites from Google search results. Google does many large and small updates regularly and updates its core algorithm from time to time to auto-filter spam and suspicious pages.
If you feel your website traffic is suddenly reduced or continuously downgrading and your rankings are tanked, there are chances that your site is penalized. Although your site and traffic may suddenly drop due to non-penalty causes like a website redesign, content change, site down, etc. We do a complete audit to find the right penalty type and create a work plan to recover it from google penalties.
Yes, many factors may impact your website rankings and cause a sudden ranking drop. Some of the key issues which may cause ranking drop are site-redesign, URL restructuring, hosting change, redirection issues, website downtime, site hacked, malware issues, and other issues.
Google may penalize your site for many violations but some of the key issues are spam backlinks, bad SEO, over-optimization, malware, site hacked, and even some non-spamming-related issues like website re-design and structure issues.
You can always avoid google penalties by following google webmaster guidelines and avoiding cheap SEO or spam and shady SEO. Make sure your website content is unique and made for readers, you gain natural or organic backlinks, have the right metadata and onsite in place, no overstuffing of the keywords, and keep your links natural. It will help you avoid any Google penalties, be it core algorithm or routine algorithm update.
Low quality, non-relevant, sponsored or link network links are usually called toxic links. Although these can provide you some quick gains, high chances are your site will land in google link penalties or sandbox.
It totally depends on a few factors. If you had gained all your rankings and traffic from link purchase, spam links, redirects, or blackhat method, then google will just disown the links automatically and, your rankings will fall to the pre SEO position or even worse in the sandbox. We work to get the toxic links and bad SEO removed so that you still get to where you started but high chances are you will see better results and improvements once your penalty is removed.
Yes, we may need to update the site content, code, meta, internal links, structure, or overall scanning for malware removal and hacked warning removal.
Please feel free to contact us and one of our google penalty recovery experts will contact you to help you with all the queries.