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SEO Guarantee

Pre-defined link quality is guaranteed! We will deliver the links and work as per the work plan or link quality. If both the links and work are provided below as per the quality measure pre-defined, we will replace it within 15 working days for the notification or else, we will refund that particular work item worth of value on pro-rata/item link base.

Access of License and Grant to Clients/Vendors/Resellers/Partners.

Our platform is used only and solely for the purpose of management of services and products we offer. It should not be used for any purpose other than what we are selling exclusively. We may restrict or revoke access to you in case we feel our business or interests are threatened or any of your actions may harm us altogether. Even if we are not able to revoke access, it does not mean that we are allowing you to continue and misuse the platform and you shall be held responsible for the actions whatsoever.


We do not provide a refund of fulfilled or initiated orders or in any condition if the cancellation is requested after the order is placed and payment is received by us. As every single order involves pre and post-purchase efforts, thus refund will not be applicable.


WholesaleSEO has no special partnership or control of search engines like google etc. We do not guarantee results, rankings, improvement in business, or anything else. All the links, search engines, and websites are third-party resources, and durability, quality, and improvements are not in the control of WholesaleSEO.

User Obligations

Users must provide all the prerequisites, requests, content, and communication as required per order. If the user fails to deliver/provide the requested or pre-requisites as per the order then, the order will be considered complete and no refund shall be provided. Also note that, once the order is placed it cannot be canceled or 12 hours after making the payment, no request for refund should be placed.

Privacy Policy

We will not share or sell your details with any third party and abide by all policy protection. We do collect an ample amount of information for our remarketing and advertising purposes but, all of that information isn’t sold to anyone.

All the disputes should be managed through proper communication channels between you and wholesaleseo.com. And in case the litigation process has got involved, all the legal cases should be taken through Delhi, India High Court.