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Why You Should Use Google Search Console For Your Business

Search Console Audit

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The Google Search Console may be an SEO tool that can be used extensively by SEO experts, marketing professionals, and business owners alike. The Google Search Console is a tool that can be used every day as an SEO expert and should be considered by anyone who is determined to get more traffic from Google.

Why You Should Use Google Search Console

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits of getting data directly from Google, there are a number of benefits of using the Google Search Console audit:

  • Crawling may be clearer and more often and more beneficial so that the pages are rated or rearranged at the updated page level.
  • You can submit new pages to the search console to help them be listed faster.
  • You can monitor security issues to keep your site safe.
  • You can analyze backlinks and internal link information that can help create a Domain Authority growth strategy.
  • You can browse specific pages for index problems.
  • You can identify click-through-rate (CTR) pages that may need to be redirected or upgraded metadata.
  • You may want to identify low-end pages that may need to be redesigned, rescheduled, rewritten, or no indexing.
  • You may be able to identify low-quality pages that may need to be reworked, rescheduled, or rewritten.
  • You can monitor and analyze site content over time to make impactful and data-based SEO decisions.

How to set up a Google Search Console

Setting up Google Search Console is probably not as technical as some of its features.

Here are step-by-step directions to get started.

  1. Go to the main Search Console page and press Start Now. Search the main console page
  2. Click Search Layout in the upper left corner, then click Add Layout.
  3. If you are able to perform DNS authentication (Done with your host), you should use Domain Verification as this will cover the subdomains and all the HTTP variations of your domain.

If not, use the URL startup method and enter your primary URL (the full URL that appears when you go to your website). If you have subdomains, you should always use a domain verification method as this will allow you to combine all your data into one Search Console audit item instead of having the data split into multiple elements in the form of a Start URL. To verify your site with a URL startup, an easy way to do this would be to add an HTML tag to your SEO plugin using advanced settings. If not, you can embed code directly in the <head> section.

  1. Go to the Sitemap tab and enter your site map URL. If you do not have a site map, be sure to install and configure an SEO plugin (for WordPress sites) that will build one like Yoast SEO or Smartcrawl Pro.


Google Search Console is a powerful tool with amazing power to improve your SEO and get power on Google. With this data, you can monitor and customize your site to make the most of your content. Importantly, if you are a website owner, or doing SEO on a website, setting up on the Google Search Console should be a must. For convenience, the benefits far outweigh any effort.

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By Admin on June 30th, 2022