Press Release Writing

Press Release Writing

Wholesale SEO is excited to introduce our exceptional press release writing services designed to elevate your brand and maximize media exposure. We recognise the crucial necessity of writing captivating and engaging press releases that attract journalists and resonate with your target audience thanks to our team of seasoned writers and PR specialists.

When it comes to press release writing, there are a few qualities that set us apart from competitors. Our press releases are 100% original and customized to your business’ needs. Our seasoned writers adhere to the highest standards of quality and originality while painstakingly crafting each word to properly communicate your message.

To ensure the highest quality, we utilize advanced tools like Copyscape and Grammarly for thorough plagiarism and grammar checks. This guarantees that your press releases are free of potential issues and genuine and error-free. You can trust us to deliver well-written and professionally prepared press releases that make a lasting impact.

As the leaders in search engine optimisation (SEO), we understand how crucial it is to include SEO tactics in your press releases. Our authors are knowledgeable with the most recent SEO techniques and can enhance your material with pertinent keywords, meta descriptions, and other essential elements. By leveraging our SEO expertise, we help your press releases rank higher in search engine results, increasing their exposure and attracting a wider audience.

At Wholesale SEO, we go beyond generic press releases by highlighting the unique strengths and values of your brand.

PR Writing Features

Experience the difference with our professional press release writing services. We understand the importance of crafting a compelling and engaging press release that captures journalists’ attention and your target audience. With our dedicated team of experienced journalists, we offer the following features to ensure your press release stands out:

1. 100% unique PR

Our SEO services are designed to provide you with a distinctive and specialized method of search engine optimization. We are aware that every company is unique, and we take great satisfaction in writing press releases that are unique to your company. Every word is skillfully created by our team of seasoned writers to properly convey your message. While doing so, the highest levels of quality and originality are upheld.

2. Copyscape and Grammarly Check

When it comes to PR writing, quality is our main focus. We use sophisticated technologies like Copyscape and Grammarly to make sure that your press releases are free of plagiarism and grammatical problems. These tools assist us in finding and removing any potential problems so that your material is genuine, expert, and error-free. You can rely on us to provide well-written, prepared press releases.

3. SEO-Optimized

We are the foremost search engine optimization specialists. We recognise how crucial it is to include SEO tactics in your press releases to increase their exposure and readership. Our authors are knowledgeable about the most recent SEO techniques and can effectively optimize your material with pertinent keywords, meta descriptions, and other crucial components.

By leveraging our SEO expertise, we help your press releases rank higher in search engine results and attract a wider audience.

4. Brand Highlight

Your brand is unique, and we want to showcase its strengths and values through our PR writing. We go beyond generic press releases by highlighting your brand’s unique selling points, achievements, and industry expertise. By effectively communicating your brand’s story and differentiating factors, we help you stand out in a competitive market. Our PR writing focuses on capturing the essence of your brand and engaging your target audience.

5. Written by journalists.

Our team consists of seasoned journalists who possess a deep understanding of the media landscape and industry trends. With their expertise, they can craft compelling press releases that not only inform but also capture readers. Drawing upon their journalistic background, our writers know how to structure your PR content effectively, incorporate newsworthy angles, and present information in a concise and engaging manner. You can trust us to deliver press releases that resonate with both journalists and your target audience.

6. On-Time Delivery

We understand the importance of timely communication in PR. We place a high priority on delivering our press releases on schedule because of this. To guarantee that your content is supplied when you need it, without any delays, our staff adhere to a rigid timetable. We respect your time and work hard to achieve your deadlines so you may take advantage of every chance to interact with your audience. You can count on us to provide dependable and timely PR writing services since we are dedicated to being on time.

PR Writing Packages

We recognise that each business has different PR writing demands, which is why we provide a variety of adaptable packages to meet your exact needs. Our goal is to give you the best PR writing solutions that fit with your objectives and provide significant results. Choose from our carefully crafted packages, each designed to meet different PR demand:

  1. Basic Package: Our Basic Package is an ideal choice for those who require a single press release. With this package, we will develop a professionally written press release that includes all of the critical elements required to catch the attention of your target audience. Our professional writers will guarantee that your message is successfully expressed and that the press release is produced on time. Rest assured, your press release will be polished, engaging, and ready to impact.
  2. Advanced Package: For those looking for a more comprehensive PR campaign, our Advanced Package offers an excellent solution. This package includes not one, but two press releases, allowing you to address multiple aspects of your business or announce various developments. Additionally, we provide additional revisions to fine-tune your press releases and ensure they perfectly align with your objectives. We understand that some projects require urgent attention, which is why the Advanced Package includes priority delivery for time-sensitive situations. This ensures that your press releases reach your target audience promptly, maximizing their impact.
  3. Premium Package: Our Premium Package is designed to cater to businesses with ongoing PR needs. This bundle is ideal if you need a steady stream of press releases to keep your audience interested and informed. It comes with five press releases, allowing you to make frequent announcements, discuss updates, and demonstrate your skills. With limitless revisions, you may edit and optimise your press releases until they fit your exact specifications. In addition, we will assign you a professional account manager who will work directly with you to understand your company, goals, and preferences. This facilitates a smooth partnership and allows us to generate high-quality press releases suited to your specific requirements.

No matter which package you choose, our experienced PR writers will diligently work to craft compelling content that resonates with your target audience. This content enhances your brand image, and generates valuable media coverage. Wholesale SEO understands the importance of effective PR writing in building credibility, attracting attention, and driving business growth. With our flexible packages, you can find the right solution that suits your specific PR goals. This will enable you to leverage the power of well-crafted press releases for maximum impact.

How does it work?

Our streamlined process ensures a hassle-free experience from start to finish. Here’s how it works:

Submit Your Press Info:

To kick-start the process, simply submit your press information to us. Give us crucial information about your firm, including the name of your organization, your goal statement, the goods and services you offer, major accomplishments, and any noteworthy events or advancements. This will allow us to write a press release that is both interesting and relevant to your needs.

We created the press release:

Once we receive your press information, our team of skilled writers and PR experts will get to work. They will carefully craft a professional press release that highlights the unique aspects of your business. Our writers will leverage their expertise to create engaging content that grabs the attention of readers and effectively communicates your key messages. By using a combination of persuasive language and storytelling techniques, we will ensure that your press release stands out from the competition.

Review and delivery:

Once the press release is ready, we will send it to you for review. We welcome your opinions and suggestions as we work to produce a press release that correctly reflects your company and satisfies your needs. You will have the chance to evaluate the information and make any adjustments or modifications you think are required. Your team and ours will collaborate closely to integrate your suggestions and make any necessary changes to the press release. After you approve the final draft, we will send you the polished press release in a format that can be distributed.

We want to give you a complete and hassle-free option for writing and disseminating press releases for your firm through our simplified approach.

Our expertise in crafting compelling content combined with your unique insights will help you effectively reach your target audience. This will enhance your brand image, and generate the desired publicity for your business.

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Press Release Writing


We require details about your brand, the news or announcement you want to share, relevant contact information, and any specific angles or messaging you want us to include.
Yes, we can incorporate interview excerpts or quotes into your press release to add credibility and a personal touch.
Absolutely! We value your input and ensure you have the opportunity to review and provide feedback on the press release before it is finalized.
Yes, we conduct thorough keyword research and skillfully integrate relevant keywords into the press release to enhance its visibility in search engines.
Definitely! We understand the importance of SEO and employ optimization techniques to ensure your press release gains maximum online exposure.
Yes, we offer attractive bulk discounts for agencies with high-volume press release requirements. Please contact us for more information on agency pricing.
Unlock your news’s potential with our professional press release writing services. Our team of experienced journalists is ready to craft captivating press releases that generate buzz and propel your brand forward. Contact us today to get started!